What's in a Name? tempting murphy

Almost everyone has heard of the expression, 'Murphy's Law'.

Murphy's Law definition. A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.” An addition to this law reads, “and usually at the worst time.” The identity of “Murphy” is unknown, but the saying was first used during the 1940s and may have originated with members of the armed forces in World War II. (dictionary.com)

So why this name for a musical initiative?

In 2008, singer-songwriter/guitarist Neil Bennett joined musical forces with cellist Irina Grunberg. A name for the group was needed. 'Bennett-Grunberg' sounded like the name of a dubious law firm. Many names were considered (all of them better than Bennett-Grunberg!). The name tempting murphy, as in tempting Murphy's Law to happen, was from a Bennett composition called 'My, My, My (In the Blink of and Eye) This lyric was inspired by a poem written by Paul Quarrington. The name stuck. Though Grunberg no longer plays with Bennett in tempting murphy on a regular basis, Bennett still uses the name today for his solo act or with other musicians. Here's the that started it all.



The new 'Songs of Neil Bennett' ep has been recorded and mixed. It is now in the mastering stage, headed for a fall release.

Track List:

1. Constable Sky

2. Lighten Your Heart

3. Different Drummer

4. Uncertain

5. Solace