Old Songs....New Songs.....(May 9, 2017)

I've been spending some time lately, going over some of my older songs. I have been writing songs for over 40 years. It is part of my daily routine. Needless to say, I have written a few tunes over the years. Partly due to getting an old office ready as a guest room, I came across boxes of old cassettes of songs that I'd written, live performances and just song ideas. (In the pre smart phone era, songwriters had to rely on cassettes to capture ideas that weren't fully formed! And since we're talking about the Paleolithic Musical Era (PME), I used to use a tuning fork to tune with!). This is akin to discovering old diaries in the attic that you hadn't thought about in some time.  Of course there are a lot of  not-all-that-useful ideas but buried in there are some personal gems. I have recently been working on two songs linked to my distant musical past. 

The first song is "This Feeling Tonight". Originally written in 1976, I related on the recording snippet I found of the song that my then musical partner, John Evoy, (still rocking in Vancouver by the bye!) rejected the song as 'too folky'! Well, I listened to about 20 seconds of the song on the old tape (all that I had of the song), dug out an old lyric sheet (no chords listed!) and went about reconstructing, and rewriting the song. As many of my musical colleagues know, I like to use an open Gsus tuning in my songs.  Well, after figuring out the chord changes in standard tuning, I translated the chords into the open tuning and voila! an old gem has resurfaced. I really love singing this song again and plan to use it in live shows soon. I'll have to send a recording of it to John! See...not too  folky after all, Mr. Evoy!

"I looked at your smile, for oh quite awhile
And I know it feels so right
You gave me the reason for love's open season
And oh, this feeling tonight"  (from "This Feeling Tonigh")

(Interesting footnote...."Open Season" is the name of one of my favourite songs from the BIn Divers recording "BIn Diving Lately" from 1997!)

Me around the time I wrote the original 'This Feeling Tonight"

Me around the time I wrote the original 'This Feeling Tonight"


Lately, actually last week, I started writing a new song. I liked the melody but the lyrics weren't working that well. Suddenly I was inspired to combine the new song idea with an old song from 1995 called Rogue Heart. I always loved the lyrics to this song. This new hybrid song is a little more uplifting than the original. Again, I really like the result.

"The hands are the heart's messengers
Braille for the soul
Can you hear what they're saying
Do you understand their role ?

Soon, I will post versions of these songs.....

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