tempting murphy, aka Neil Bennett, has had a long career in music. 








The 1970's saw Bennett as part of a folk duo, Bennett and Barnes. Based in the London (Ontario) area, Bennett and Barnes played extensively around the London area, most notably at the legendary Change Of Pace Coffee House, often sharing the bill with David Bradstreet and Carl Kesee, with whom the duo recorded The Bradstreet Sessions in 1980.

Graham Barnes brought the country harmonies and excellent guitar chops to the duo. Both were singer-songwriters with Bennett leaning to dramatic pop/folk fusion and Barnes to the country ballads. Not opposites, but different enough to make the sum greater than the whole of the parts.


The Bradstreet Sessions was the first studio recording for Bennett, tempting murphy to be. A case of Labatt's 50 was part of the recording deal!


In the mid nineties, Bennett was part of his first Toronto based group, Bindivers, with Bennett on guitars and lead vocals, Jeff Beauchamp on bass and vocals, and Matt Braden on drums. A recording project ensued, 'Bin Divin' Lately?'. Recorded at Coach House Studios in Toronto with Andrew Morris as engineer/producer. Bennett's favourite tracks from this album are: Howling Storm, How Can I Know and Woman, I Know You. The latter track features the wonderful Pamela Hughes on backup vocals plus the swirling organ sounds of Andrew Morris. Have a listen!


In 2010. Bennett was approached by cellist Irina Grunberg who declared that they were going to start a band together. Grunberg is a classically trained cellist who had a blast rocking the cello. Using the instrument as percussion, bass and of course contributing lyrical cello parts to Bennett's compositions. The result of their collaboration is the CD, Everything's Eventual released in 2014.

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