Singer-songwriters tempting murphy (Neil Bennett) and Shawn Lawrie have combined with percussionist extraordinaire Kendall Kiddie to form the group "Bennett-Lawrie". Lovely echoes of folk-rockers past  and present are filtered through Bennett and Lawrie's unique and powerful musical lens to produce a unique and special sound.

Neil Bennett, aka tempting murphy, has been on a long and winding musical journey for some time now. He chronicles the world around him using his song-writing as a diary, as therapy, musically recording and sculpting the joys and torments of this crazy existence. He is thrilled to be starting a new chapter in his musical life with the wonderfully talented Shawn Lawrie and the glue that holds it all together, percussionist Kendall Kiddie.

Shawn Lawrie is a singer songwriter who likes to musically explore his sub-conscious or semi-conscious side in a way that feels as much like painting as like writing and storytelling. The tunes are emotional and driven.  Shawn too is delighted to join music forces with Bennett and Kiddie.

Kendall Kiddie, although somewhat bashful for a drummer, loves to lay the big beat down, even on the wooden mini-kit he assembled for lower volume performances. He keeps Bennett and Lawrie on track and focussed! 




Bennett-Lawrie....provide an exciting new folk rocking sound, a band as it should be, greater than the sum of its parts.